Lon Naylor

Lon Naylor is on a mission to “Rid the world of lousy marketing videos” and carries on this effort from his rural Wisconsin home on the Apple River enjoying trout fishing from his backyard, kayaking, and recording music in his recording studio.

Lon is a video marketing expert, speaker, and creator of ScreencastProfits.com and LearnCamtasia.com resource and training sites that teach how to leverage screen capture videos (like those made with Camtasia) for maximum marketing effect.

A 30 year veteran of the computer industry, he spent the last 10 years of his professional career during the decade of the 90’s as a senior engineer at Microsoft before “retiring” in 1999 at age 41. There he specialized in high level, multimedia presentations where it was not uncommon for millions of dollars in revenue to be at stake.

His ability to take highly technical concepts and break them down into simple, easy to understand presentations and tutorials is a result of the years of experience gained in his long career working with companies like Honeywell, American Express, and the national labs at Sandia and Los Alamos.

As an extremely early adopter and evangelist of the Internet, he has long recognized and exploited its massive potential for delivering effective sales messages via video to a global audience.

As an authority on the Camtasia suite of video production software, he is a highly sought out resource and the “go-to guy” of many of the top internet marketing names such as Mike Filsaime, Willie Crawford, Ken McCarthy, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, Perry Lawrence and many more.


Christine Cobb

Christine is the techie person behind Screencast Studios. Her mission is to make sure you can easily find what you need and be using it in mere minutes.

Christine spent 25 years in the financial services industry before forming her web technology consulting business. She works with small businesses, coaches, consultants and authors to expand their reach and tap the power of today’s website technology. You can learn more at ChristineCobbMarketing.com. She also provides tips and resources for WordPress bloggers at MyBonusBlog.com.

“I was extremely excited to hear from Lon Naylor that he wanted to joint venture on Screencast Studios. Lon is an incredibly talented guy and once you start learning from him, you don’t want to stop!”

Christine has created joint ventures with several great marketers, copywriters, authors and software developers. Awesome Internet projects are the result when everyone gets to do what they do best and enjoy!


Steven Washer (BrainyVideo.com), the vanilla chai video guy, is on a mission to unlock the power of do it yourself video so thought leaders, mavericks, and “single shingle” independent business owners can hold the power of the movies within their own control to attract clients and other opportunities that take their messages far and beyond.  What he knows to be true is that video is fast becoming the preferred way that consumers rely upon to make decisions to solve problems that are giving them series discomfort.  Video trumps text every day of the week for conveying tone of voice, body language, and the meaning of what is said so getting to YES can be easier than ever before.

A life-long love affair with movies, drama, and technology and a checkered career as a teacher, salesman, actor, and director uniquely qualified Steve to guide people around the globe to actually understand how to use their video cameras to make money.   It’s just that simple.

Among his favorite stories to tell are those of great redemption that showcase unlimited possibilities.  Entrepreneurs, helping professions, and people on missions for good need a platform to say who they are, what they are here to do, and why it matters.  The paths they’ve traveled to reach this place of service and the stories behind why they do what they do are often compelling reasons for clients to lean in and want to engage.

Putting this power within your control is a bit like helping people around the world take flight, which incidentally is what Steve loves to do when he’s not making videos.   The unlimited possibilities he sees from the sky among the clouds from up high help him clarify visions that take shape on the ground.  Better yet, he wants you to see what he sees so you can fly, too.

  • For all those who wish they could have taken their place on stage to thank the academy…
  • For those who have spent more than a few moments in front of the bathroom mirror, shampoo bottle in hand…
  • And for those who know that their YouTube debut just might have the juice to go viral…

It’s time to learn how to use the camera in the first place to make magic happen now in your life and business.