Camtasia 8 Advantage – Multiple Video Tracks

One of the cool new features in Camtasia Studio 8 is the ability to have multiple video tracks. Finally!

What does that buy you?

For one thing, you can now “layer” video clips on top of each other. If you have effects video clips from Digital Juice or that have “keyed” or “alpha” transparency, it means that the background of these clips is invisible…thus allowing whatever content or effect that is in the clip to appear on top of the content of the track(s) underneath.

I found a BIG package of these kinds of effects in a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) for a stupid low price. I whipped up this little video in about 10 minutes to show just a few of them:

Since it’s a WSO, I’m not sure how long you can get this package for just $17:

Grab it here==>

Remember…this ONLY WORKS IN CAMTASIA 8 – not previous versions…

A couple more notes:

I usually find that WSO’s are complete crap. One shining area graphics and creatives. You can often get great packages for a steal.This WSO product is not perfect…but there is enough content that I was able to find a bunch of actually useful stuff. For $17? It was a no-brainer for me.

  1. To use the “transparency” clips in Camtasia 8, the .MOV versions are the ones you want.
  2. The product has multiple versions of most clips. Some with backgrounds, some without, and even some WMV versions you could drop into PowerPoint and use on slides.
  3. These are special effectsdo NOT over use these…please!! lol…

Have fun!


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Lon Naylor

Lon Naylor is on a mission to “Rid the world of lousy marketing videos” and carries on this effort from his rural Wisconsin home on the Apple River enjoying trout fishing from his backyard, kayaking, and recording music in his recording studio. Lon is a video marketing expert, speaker, and creator of and resource and training sites that teach how to leverage screen capture videos (like those made with Camtasia) for maximum marketing effect.


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  1. ray
    3 years ago

    i have cam 8. is it capable to have like 4 sepeate videos recorded 1 at a time? dubbing? and final product is vid showing 4 of me plalying different instruments.?

  2. Lon Naylor
    3 years ago

    Hi Ray,

    Yes, absolutely. Just put each video on it own track, one on top of another. Then, resize each clip and arrange on the canvas as you wish. You will probably want the video clips to not have audio and run a master music track that is synced to all the clips.

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