Do you wish you had that extra touch
that make your screencast videos come to life?...

"Do Your Screencast Videos Have These Cool Naked Martian People, Androgynous Faceless Folks, 3D Bubble Heads...You Know The Ones?"

These Transparent PNG, High Resolution,
Vector Image graphics aren't just cool...
they're flat out USEFUL!

Dear Screencast Video Creator,

You’ve seen lots of highly successful product launch videos lately from highly successful internet marketers that produce highly profitable results.

Have you also noticed a common theme in many of them?

Ya! How about the interesting 3D character people that grab attention,  spark interest, and engage you as a viewer!

Now You Can Use Them Too!
You are probably thinking… “Yeah, if I had thousands of dollars to spend on all that fancy software, I could look like a pro, too!”

NOT TRUE! You can pick up a pack of these ready-to-use, high resolution graphics for less than the cost of a large pizza.

There are so many places you can use them right now…

Use Them In PowerPoint

Use these images in PowerPoint (or any other presentation software package like OpenOffice Impress) to create your slide show presentations.

And…because they are Transparent PNG graphics – you can use them on any color background and they look great!

Then – use your PowerPoint slides to create your killer Camtasia videos!

Folks…this is how the pros make awesome, high converting Sales & Product Launch videos!

Use Them In eBooks

But there’s MUCH more:

They make great boredom-busting additions to your ebook content too.

Just drop them in, resize and place them wherever you want to add some visual interest to whatever your text is about.

With over 100 images to choose from you can almost always find something relevant to your topic to give your work a professional flare.

Use Them on Blogs & Websites

Use 3D Characters on Blogs & WebsitesResize your awesome images and use them on your blogs and web pages.

Adding interesting visuals is easy when you have a library of images to simply drop into your HTML or posts.

You’ll find dozens of uses for these little guys because they’re “generic” and saves you time looking for appropriate stock pictures.

Use Them in Camtasia®


And one of my favorite tricks

Import them into Camtasia Studio and use them as Custom Callouts to add a totally professional touch to your screencast videos!

This is a great technique to make YOUR videos stand out from the crowd.

It’s quicksuper easy…and effective!



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You Get 100 Cool 3D Character Graphics

Using creative images in your ebooks and videos and as eye-catching content for your website or blog is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to impress and engage your viewers.

These high quality graphics are very popular right now and are perfect to use in tons of situations and help give you that “professional” edge.




    • Transparent PNG files will look great on any color background
    • Drag ‘n’ Drop EASY into any software
    • Build your Graphics Library quickly
    • Create Camtasia videos like the pros!
Scroll Through a Preview of This Incredible Collection…


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Hang On, There’s More…
Tell you what. If you purchase 3D Graphics Characters now, I’ll throw in another 5 Bonus Images to help build your graphics library even faster.

The value I’m offering you today with the bonus is really a no-brainer. They can easily cost $50 to $100 or more . But if you purchase today, you only need to come up with a fraction of that – which I’m sure you’d agree is still a steal.

Why would I do that? Well…because I want you to look to Screencast Studios first when you need to add a professional touch to your videos and presentations. Fair enough? Great…

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To Your Success,

Lon Naylor