The Power of Music and Sound

Lots of people don’t bother to use music or sounds in their videos because it is a little tricky and a bit more work to incorporate correctly. But…there is a great deal of value to be had when you can pull it off!

Music & Sound =EMOTION!

Here’s an excerpt from Lon Naylor’s live presentation at Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins S.I.M.P.L.E. Seminar in Feb, 2010.

This clip starts out with Lon showing an awesome tactic for screencast videos called a “Google Search Story” that uses a music track to achieve an emotional “feel” …then, see what happens in the second half when the Power of Sound & Music is dramatically demonstrated:

See how adding this element to your screencast videos can make a big difference?

Dropping royalty free audio tracks into Camtasia to enhance any video content from PowerPoint to Talking Heads is simple and immediately adds that professional touch.

Where can you get great audio tracks that you have permission to use in your video projects?

Here are some offerings from the Screencast Studios Audio Library to add to your collection:

Hypnotic Victory Tracks & LoopsHypnotic Victory Royalty Free Music If you need a driving beat or soothing tempo to create an engaging video, you’ll love these 30 royalty-free music tracks. Learn More or


Epic Product Launch Tracks Produce an engaging, attention-grabbing sales video for your next product launch with these intro music tracks from award-winning composer, Ginny Culp. Learn More or Buy Now. 
Legends of Rock CollectionA collection of 57 royalty free Hollywood-style music tracks to give your videos a professional sound. Learn More or Buy Now.


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Lon Naylor

Lon Naylor is on a mission to “Rid the world of lousy marketing videos” and carries on this effort from his rural Wisconsin home on the Apple River enjoying trout fishing from his backyard, kayaking, and recording music in his recording studio. Lon is a video marketing expert, speaker, and creator of and resource and training sites that teach how to leverage screen capture videos (like those made with Camtasia) for maximum marketing effect.

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  1. Paul Carroll
    7 years ago

    Absolutely agree Lon!

    Although it taken me a lifetime to train my brain that people are emotional creatures, not logical creatures.

  2. Richard
    7 years ago

    I have sat and listened to many dozen tracks looking for just the right sound. Never thought of it the way you describe it Lon, but that is so true, it is an emotional need. And that can be tough for me as I am so so techie.

  3. Brandon
    7 years ago

    Is it legal to use audio clips from our favorite music that we own?

  4. admin
    7 years ago

    NO! It is totally illegal. Only use music that you have licensed the rights to use or have created yourself.


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