Udemy Increases Revenue Sharing

Have you heard of Udemy?


If you create screencast video training courses or
tutorial products, you might struggle with getting them
online so people can purchase and view them…
We’ve been experimenting with this exciting (and EASY)
new platform. There are some new changes in the payouts:
Here’s the scoop from Udemy CEO Eren Bali:

Dear Instructors,

This is Eren Bali, CEO of Udemy.

This past July, you hit an incredible milestone – you taught more than 1 million students in 225 countries around the world.

Now, just 3 months later, you’re teaching nearly 1.5 million people. We’re blown away by this growth and the way you’ve touched the lives of so many students.

As a result, we’ve been thinking deeply about how we can help extend your reach even further. We want to help you teach 10 million people… and, one day, 100 million people.

We’re dedicated to this promise, but we need to make some important changes to get there. We want to take this opportunity to explain these changes as well as the rationale behind them.

The Announcement

Udemy will be shifting to a revenue share structure that’s based on the source of the student. There are two changes:

First, when Udemy brings a student to your course, the revenue share will shift from 70% to 50%.

Second, when you bring a new student to Udemy, the revenue share will increase from 85% to 100% (net of payments fees). This means, you will keep all the LIFETIME revenues when these students purchase your courses.*

These changes will be effective November 1st and will apply to all instructors (existing and future).

*Note: Please read the full details on our blog here.

Why We’re Making These Changes

You are our closest partners and we are extremely dedicated to your success. Many of you have gotten to personally know Alex, Danielle, Eliza, David, and others on our team. They work tirelessly, everyday, to help you succeed.

Our goal is to increase your success even further. These changes will help us make the necessary investments to take you there.

We will be investing deeply in two areas: 1) marketing – so that we can double or triple the number of students you’re teaching, and 2) product – so that Udemy will be the best platform for you and your students to teach & learn online.

Some of the investments we’re most excited about include:

Making your courses available on 1 billion Android devices around the world (happening in Q4), Building a large network of affiliates who will sell your courses, and Helping you reach an international student base

We know many of you may be thinking “Does this mean I’ll make less money?”

You may see a temporary drop in course earnings. But given these investments, we expect your earnings will be on a much steeper trajectory for the future.

We’re very excited about this next phase of growth. If you have any questions, we are available. Please email us at instructorquestions@udemy.com.

It has been an amazing past 3 years. We look forward to an even brighter future, helping you teach hundreds of millions of students, in the years ahead.

— Eren Bali, CEO & Co-Founder Udemy

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Stay tuned for more Udemy thoughts, tips, and results!


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