Video Genesis Extras: Fun With Outtakes Part 1

For the Video Genesis Launch, I’m pulling out all the stops and once again…Ripping Off The Video Boss – Andy Jenkins!


Nobody does video marketing better than Andy and these are his best content ever!

But…what I like to do when he puts these out is: Pick key things I see him do that I like…and go deeper.

In this episode, I take a look at Outtakes – you know, bloopers!

Here are your goodies. Click this link to get your own:

For Camtasia 8: Outtakes Toolkit Camtasia Library

For Camtasia 7: Outtakes Toolkit Camtasia Library

For everyone else: Generic Images and Audio Clips

If you like this stuff, could you please comment & share? Please? PLEASE? Waaaaahhh. [CUT!][BEEP]

Thanks and enjoy!


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Lon Naylor

Lon Naylor is on a mission to “Rid the world of lousy marketing videos” and carries on this effort from his rural Wisconsin home on the Apple River enjoying trout fishing from his backyard, kayaking, and recording music in his recording studio. Lon is a video marketing expert, speaker, and creator of and resource and training sites that teach how to leverage screen capture videos (like those made with Camtasia) for maximum marketing effect.

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  1. Richard
    6 years ago

    what is a libzip file?

  2. Richard
    6 years ago

    okay. 7zip seemed to know what to do with that libzip but I have never seen one before, and of course my system did not recognize the file extension

  3. Lon Naylor
    6 years ago

    Hi Richard,

    A LIBZIP file is a zip file of Camtasia Library contents created using the Export Library feature. I’ve added both Camtasia 7 and 8 versions in the post.

    You should just be able to execute the file on your system and Camtasia will do the rest to Import it into your Library.

    Of course…all that is dependent on you have a version of Camtasia installed on your system.


  4. Debbie Lapointe
    6 years ago

    Thanks Lon! I love all the fun stuff you come up with. I would have never thought of outtakes for Camtasia videos.

  5. Jim Esmeier
    6 years ago


    I really appreciate the extras you provide us. Know, Like and Trust. No one creates it better than you!

  6. Robert Miller
    6 years ago

    Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about.

    This is just one of the MANY reasons I signed up for Lon’s courses and weekly coaching. This out-takes library is pretty cool, but there’s lot’s WAAYY MORE cool stuff where that came from.

    Keep rockin’ Lon, and we’ll stick with you.

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