Why Your Business Needs Your Face!

Do you hide behind your website? Be honest now. If you don’t have a video of yourself  that puts a real face on your business, you’re at a severe disadvantage to those who do.

I know, I know, showing pictures of Clickbank checks is awfully persuasive. Maybe that’s all you need. But is that who you want to model? As far as I can remember, I don’t think I ever saw a picture of a check from Steve Jobs showing me how much money he made in an effort to convince me to buy an ipad, or Warren Buffet or Bill Gates for that matter. And they seem to do OK without it.

“But Steve”, you say, “they sell products, not business opportunities.”

Well, that’s not exactly accurate. Nevertheless “show me the money” is the mantra that many live by. Of course, there are plenty of guys who do OK without that. Guys like Sean D’Souza, Glenn Livingston, Kendall Summerhawk, Lon Naylor or Bill Baren. I could go on and on.

And by the way, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just a matter of who you’re trying to attract.

Come to think of it, there is a business where flashing a big wad of cash makes good sense.

…but for most of us outside that particular niche of the personal services industry, it may not be the absolute optimum strategy. Especially if you’re a doctor, a chiropractor, a body worker of any kind, psychologist, an attorney, accountant, or a business or life coach. Any profession that relies on building personal relationships requires some other way of demonstrating your value.

And there are two ways of leveraging video to do just that.

One is to create useful advice that your tribe is looking for. The other is more subjective, but just as important. I’m talking about your persona.

Webster defines persona as “The image of character and personality that somebody wants to show the outside world.

Here are 7 reasons why you need a persona and need it right now:

You need to be understood.

It’s difficult in today’s fractionalized market to get your point across. It seems like everyone speaks a different language. Being able to use body language in addition to everything else makes your job much easier.

Persona puts a Face on your company

It’s hard to love a faceless entity. Ask AT&T. Or your insurance company, or your real estate company. A picture on a website is OK, but there’s nothing too special about that anymore.

Its potentially not boring

Boring is the kiss of death. A real live interesting person with passion and personality at the front of your company makes a huge difference in encouraging people to hang around your website and explore. When you’re not boring you stand out like crazy against the millions of blah-blah websites out there.

You’re different than everyone else – or should be

That makes you unique. And today, uniqueness is a prized attribute of any company. In fact, you can’t command premium pricing without it.

It makes you memorable

How many websites have you been to lately that you can’t wait to go back to? That you even remember visiting? I thought so. An effective persona on video just has a way of sticking in people’s minds when it’s done right.

It makes you “Almost Famous”

That’s a term of art that describes you when your name is associated with your area of expertise.

It makes you the celebrity authority

You can’t be the authority without also being the celebrity. People have to know you and trust you before you meet. And here I’m talking about authority vs. expert status. There are lots of experts. There are very few authorities.  Persona is often the major difference between the two. The authority gets 90% of all the good clients and income. The experts? They compete for the bottom 10%.

So is the answer to just stand in front of the camera and yell action? Not quite. There are a few landmines you have to avoid on the way to a perfect persona.

I want to give you just one right now. It’s the old “be yourself” advice. That’s great as far as it goes. But how far will that take you? I have a friend who trains athletes to win the triathalon. How successful do you think her clients would be if when they asked her: how do I win the triathalon, Jan,” she said to them, “when the starter pistol goes off, run as fast as you can!” $10,000 please.”

In my opinion, the advice “be yourself” is a little obvious. You need more than that to succeed with your persona.

In our next article I’ll show you how to dance through the persona minefield. There are a few things to keep in mind on your way to celebrity authority. Also, I’ll make our next meeting on video to give you some idea of how I’ve chosen to walk the talk.


Steven Washer
The vanilla chai video guy

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Steven Washer, the vanilla chai video guy, is on a mission to unlock the power of do it yourself video so thought leaders, mavericks, and “single shingle” independent business owners can hold the power of the movies within their own control to attract clients and other opportunities that take their messages far and beyond.

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