Your Irresistible Screen Personality

Last time we talked about why putting a face on your business gives you such a competitive advantage. Today let’s look at just how you do that. I can promise you that if you follow these simple instructions, no one will ever look at your business as a commodity again.

But first we need to take apart the advice you’ve been given in the past and look at it for what it actually is. And it usually comes down to two words (with a lot of fancy footwork and Kabuki dances around it).

“Be Yourself”. This has been state-of-the-art for on camera coaching for as long as I can remember. It’s fine as far as it goes, but how far can it really take you?

In part one of this two part series, we stood at the edge of the minefield of the persona and peeked across to see what this advice could really do for us.

In part two we look at two…

common sense, but uncommonly-used techniques that will take you much farther. We also look closely at one powerful method that, if you actually use it, will transform your work forever.

I’m excited to share it with you…

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Steven Washer, the vanilla chai video guy, is on a mission to unlock the power of do it yourself video so thought leaders, mavericks, and “single shingle” independent business owners can hold the power of the movies within their own control to attract clients and other opportunities that take their messages far and beyond.

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